Saturday, March 28, 2009

My dream to be a emcee!

Where do I start...I always loved hip-hop since i seen krs-one rocking them jordans in the my philosphy video.I never thought i would be a emcee back then.Fast forward to circa 98-99 when i met Dion from elevator music and he turn me on to his crew the legendary "3.r.d. I was so surprise to hear some dope emcee's from columbus that sounded original! That right there spark the lines in head and i put them to paper.July of '99 i decided to be a emcee and let this dream i had become reality.It's almost 10years later and the game has change so much and i still love it the same way i did in '88.Looking at my so-called rap career i just want to thank everybody that ever said i was nice or dope on the m.i.c and that was a fan of my work! I dont do this for a deal i do this because i truly love hip-hop as a culture and a life style!
Peace and mirrorlove...Trav...

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