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Trav's 1st album review "via"fly paper!



On Friday, August 21, 2009, I went to a private listening party for L.E (formerly of Fly Union) to hear his new mixtape, which is dropping August 28, 2009. The event was at Milkbar (downtown Columbus) on N. High St. The mixtape is called "Anti Parachute theory" which was executive produced by Rashad of Elevator Music. Production on the mixtape includes: J Rawls "international J" of Lone Catalyst, Rashad of Elevator Music, Blueprint, and A.U. just to name a few.

The building was packed with enthusiastic fans, which included: Flypaper, The 3rd, DJ Krate Digga, T.C. from the "Smoking Section", TruckNorth, and others. This private event began with L.E. discussing production in between each track. In my opinion, there were three different levels on this mixtape: Real hip-hop, experimental tracks, and bangers all at the same time and throughout each level L.E. did not lose his integrity or focus. He has something for everyone on this mixtape and I think everyone will find something to enjoy!
A couple of stand outs on the mixtape for me include: "Polo on my body" produced by A.U. (a definite club banger!), "She and Her" feat. Vonpey and P.Blackk produced by J.Rawls and DJ Rhettmatic, (the track talks about hip-hop and a woman) and another certified banger is "A Bulldog BMX" produced by Rashad.

The overall sound of the album is cohesive throughout the varying tracks without taking away from the quality! This is definitely one of the best mixtapes to come out in 2009!!!
Make sure you check it out!! Downloads are available: August 28, 2009.

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Good look Steph on the shout out...shout out to the whole eighty81 camp "jameel" whats good homey..i see yall boys holdin down Cleveland in a Major Major way...Much success to yall

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Mirrorlove x flypaper x jamie foxx

Mirrorlove Productions got a chance to check out the Jamie Foxx tour when he came to Columbus,Ohio. Big shout out to Flypaper "kam and Yogi" for the tickets. It was a fun night overall even they we had a MAJOR FAIL we still kick it and had a good time.Once again thanks to fly paper for reaching out to us..Much Love