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Kobe Bryant Three Pointer Game Winning Against Miami Heat

Check out this video on YouTube:
Classic Kobe= Best Player in the League!

Trav dav
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Fly Paper Exclusive: Season 2: The Preview!

We’ve seen them at the recent Co-Tour Fashion Showcase. They’ve been recognized by BET’s own 106th & Park. They have been crowned the best Clothing Line by the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. Fly Paper wouldn’t be able to bring you What’s Hot, Wild, and In Style without mentioning the much-anticipated preview event brought to you by Columbus’ own exclusive clothing line, JWORK Limited.

After enjoying the first season of the clothing line, JWORK is back and better than ever; ready to take on 2010 the right way. And Jermaine Jenkins, the CEO of the company, wants to invite YOU to the exclusive RSVP-only Preview event. JWORK will not only be showing sneak peaks into their Season 2 line, they will be giving away a G-Shock watch and REAL Air Yeezy’s in a $5 Raffle. That’s right, only $5 to win the hottest shoes on the market for the Holiday season! It is hosted by TravDave of MirrorLove Productions, and Fly Paper’s own EXCLUSIVE DJ, DJ BERN on the 1’s and 2’s. And as if that’s not enough to get you out, there will even be live performances by Machine Gun Kelly, Debonair, and J. Osceola.
So, join Fly Paper and the entire JWORK team on Saturday November 21, 2009 at MOMO2, located at 2885 Olentangy River Road. Doors open at 10pm. For more details on this exclusive event, either contact us at or contact Jermaine Jenkins at

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Wow oh wow! This weekend has been great for me and hip hop in Columbus,Ohio. If you check out my previous post you can see that Talib Kweli was rocking the stage with my Usual Suspects crew.
Saturday night was equally as dope as we had one of the illest in the game rock only like he can.
Wu-Tang Clan is consider one of the greatest groups of all time and i finally got to see GHOST FACE KILLA murder that stage. Pretty Tony Ran through classic joint from 36 chambers all the way up to the new album Ghost dini. If you don't know, Wu Tang has had more than it share of hits since 1993. Tony Starks show game is absolutely insane and the energy is always on level ten.
The place was jam pack and the crowd was body rocking the whole time.The only sad part about the show was he didn't perform "DAYTONA 500." If you know me you know I'm a over the top hip hop fan and this week was classic for me and something i will always remember. I would also like to give a big shout out to "SKYZOO AND TORAE." They open up for Ghost and they rock the show with the perfect set up. Thank God For Hip Hop it truly saved my life.

We just BODIED skullys in columbus. The spot was overly packed. Its a zoo in here, and they were outta control live. Good looks yall...about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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ITS LIKE 1-2-3 J rawls and Talib Kweli

Last night at Skully's in downtown Columbus,Ohio a Brooklyn boy came through and rip the stage apart. Before that though my crew 'THE USUAL SUSPECTS CREW" did there thing on the 1 & 2's
and had the building body rocking. The Brooklyn Butcha and Dj O Sharp had a friendly DJ battle playing classic records back and forth. That set the mood for a great night of hip hop. My lil bro
L.E. "fortheuncool" took the stage by storm and ran through songs from his mixtape "Anti-Parachute theory" and perform a unreleased track that was crazy. Then he shut it down with his certified hit "POLO ON MY BODY." Next up was the legendary "THE THREE ARE DEE"
and if you never seen them rock than you missing out on a hell of a show. They ran through there set with new songs and classic records with ease. Next up was MCEO himself with help on the wheels by the "USUAL SUSPECTS" own J.Rawls. Talib went through a number of classic songs from Reflection Eternal and Black star albums and of course his own joints. Kweli even did new songs from his and Cincinnati own HI-TEK new album that there working on. The name of the new album is RPM"REVELATIONARY PER MINUTE." The pack crowd rock with him all night
and after he got done rocking the mic kweli got on the turntables and was spinning for about a hour. Overall just a group night for hip hop and great night in Columbus,Ohio. I love it.
I also wanna shout out the LCP "THE LIQUID CRYSTAL PROJECT" one of the illest jazz bands in the world!

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Mirrorlove Productions will be capturing all the hottest fashions from this year's event. DVDs will be available to pre-order at the fashion show. Hope to see you there!!!

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Trav's 1st album review "via"fly paper!



On Friday, August 21, 2009, I went to a private listening party for L.E (formerly of Fly Union) to hear his new mixtape, which is dropping August 28, 2009. The event was at Milkbar (downtown Columbus) on N. High St. The mixtape is called "Anti Parachute theory" which was executive produced by Rashad of Elevator Music. Production on the mixtape includes: J Rawls "international J" of Lone Catalyst, Rashad of Elevator Music, Blueprint, and A.U. just to name a few.

The building was packed with enthusiastic fans, which included: Flypaper, The 3rd, DJ Krate Digga, T.C. from the "Smoking Section", TruckNorth, and others. This private event began with L.E. discussing production in between each track. In my opinion, there were three different levels on this mixtape: Real hip-hop, experimental tracks, and bangers all at the same time and throughout each level L.E. did not lose his integrity or focus. He has something for everyone on this mixtape and I think everyone will find something to enjoy!
A couple of stand outs on the mixtape for me include: "Polo on my body" produced by A.U. (a definite club banger!), "She and Her" feat. Vonpey and P.Blackk produced by J.Rawls and DJ Rhettmatic, (the track talks about hip-hop and a woman) and another certified banger is "A Bulldog BMX" produced by Rashad.

The overall sound of the album is cohesive throughout the varying tracks without taking away from the quality! This is definitely one of the best mixtapes to come out in 2009!!!
Make sure you check it out!! Downloads are available: August 28, 2009.

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Good look Steph on the shout out...shout out to the whole eighty81 camp "jameel" whats good homey..i see yall boys holdin down Cleveland in a Major Major way...Much success to yall

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Mirrorlove x flypaper x jamie foxx

Mirrorlove Productions got a chance to check out the Jamie Foxx tour when he came to Columbus,Ohio. Big shout out to Flypaper "kam and Yogi" for the tickets. It was a fun night overall even they we had a MAJOR FAIL we still kick it and had a good time.Once again thanks to fly paper for reaching out to us..Much Love

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Yeah, we've seen them come and go. From those young cats on the corner who spit some of the hottest bars you've ever heard to noticeable groups who had deals but never....... could... quite.... make anything pop off. Recently, we've all paid clost attention to SLAUGHTERHOUSE, the rap group which consits of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce 5'9. Lyrics, story-telling, punchlines, you name it, they come with it, and you respect that.. You prolly wont buy there cd when it is finally released, but you will download the hell out of it and let your friends know its that CRACK..
Well here's where the new gunners come into play. Recently I was sent a track by BX's own WillyDope
@WillyDope and Columbus' TravDave @TravDave. Upon hearing the track, I wanted to jump on immediately, PAUSE if applicable. Once they gave me the go ahead, I did. We released the track on twitter and word spread like wildfire, reaching 500 downloads in the first 24 hrs!
This looks like the beginning of something we've seen before. You be the judge!

Listen and Download
NY.CO Pt 2!

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Dad I love you so much and miss you already..Your the best pops and thank you for always loving me and telling me to check on my mother and just understanding that i was a special child that like to be alone sometimes and you never push me in the directions and was always supportive of everything that i did.Im truly going to miss you and will never say good-bye.
I will see you again 1 day and we can talk about fishing look we use to do...I love u so much...
TTYL....Love Trav

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Trav's interview with WWW.BROKENCOOL.COM

Each week will profile your average Hip-Hop fan and get inside their head, finding out what makes them tick and gauging their opinions on the current state of the music. If you want to be profiled email Here is the third installment featuring Travis Davis.

broken cool: How old are you?

Travis Davis: Old enough to know my Hip-Hop.

bc: Where are you from?

TD: Columbus, Ohio.

bc: When did you first start listening to Hip-Hop?

TD: I started listening to Hip-Hop heavy in 1988.

bc: Do you remember the first Hip-Hop album you bought?

TD: "Ready To Die" - Notorious B.I.G.

bc: Do you have an all-time favorite album?

TD: "Reasonable Doubt" or "Illmatic."

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the dopest?

TD: Hov (Jay-Z), Joe Budden, Drake, Jay Electronica and Blu.

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the wackest?

TD: Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, them "Stanky Leg" dudes, and Yung Berg.

bc: What are your favorite blogs and websites?

TD: and

bc: Where do you get most of your new music from?


bc: What kind of MP3 player do you have?

TD: I have a 16g iPhone.

bc: What is one thing you wish Hip-Hop artists would do more?

TD: Do more shows in my city! HA.

bc: Outside of Hip-Hop, who are some other artists you listen to?

TD: Adele, Lykke Li.

bc: If you were a rapper what would your MC name be?

TD: Trav Dave.

bc: How can other Hip-Hop fans connect with you? Do you have Twitter? Myspace? etc.


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I'm just wondering WHY?????

I just have a few random things on my mind and I just always wonder WHY???? If you have an answer please feel free to express yourself!!

1. Why do adults try to ignore their farts when they are loud in public?

2. Why do McDonalds french fries only stay warm in the car, but are cold by time you get home?

3. Why do people apologize for unnecessary things? (very annoying)

4. Why do at least three people always have the same question in a classroom, but no one wants to ask the teacher for an answer?

5. Why can't black women get along with each other?

6. Why is it easier to be mean to someone than to be nice?

7. Why do women run from the ladies in Victoria Secret who want to measure you, when half of us don't wear the right bra size anyway?

8. Why are men so upset when they are wrong about something?

9. Why is the most sarcastic, cynical asshole always the easiest person to get along with? (Does that mean I'm an asshole too? hmmm)

10. Why does a list always feel more complete if there are 10 things rather than 9?

Just a few thoughts....ok I'm done for now!!

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I want to shout Dj Giovanny"team invasion midwest" for setting up a meet and greet with for DJ drama"Mr.thanksgiving" in Cleveland,Ohio.Shout out to"steph floss-jameel-bobo-gabe"and Katy-Ainslee-Moto Mike and Johnny Dukes from Hushmoney and everybody else that showed us love..

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TravDave and L.C. sat down and talked to Slim Thug about his new album, twitter, and much more! Stay tuned for the interview!!

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Christian Rich - Famous Girl from CHRISTIAN RICH on Vimeo.


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More Pics From JWORK Party!!!

shout out to "6s" "Rashad" and "Franky G" and for the love


Fly Union - "Gold Chain" (On Credit) from Eighty81 on Vimeo



I would like to to say CONGRATULATIONS to my Jwork Ltd fam on there website release party they had at BOMA night club in Columbus,Ohio last Saturday night.
The energy level was at all time high and you could fill the love in the air.People came out and show there support and rock all night with the team.Jwork really put on for our city with performances from Columbus's own FLY UNION and THE LEGENDARY 3RD AND Cleveland's own 6S. Mirrorlove was in the house and we most definitely appreciates the love and support that Jwork show us! I always told them that i believe in them and Saturdays night was proof that Columbus can come together and support something local that will soon be global!
No hate comes from this team and I'm always going to believe in the Jwork fam and sky's the limit for us!
love y'all fam
-trav dave-

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Trav's twitter convo with Joe Budden!

@mousebudden once again your my fav emcee-PLEASE PICK BETTER BEATS..... that is all!!!

@TravDave thx 2 u and people who share your sentiments, i'm spending all my money on over priced producers now so... i got u

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1. State your name gangster…
Travis Davis aka Trav dav an all-around regular guy- who is cooler than most people! I’m the co-owner of Mirrorlove Productions LLC along with my business partner L.C.
a. What is MirrorLove Productions?
b. What services does your company provide?
c. What are some things people might have seen that you worked on?

Mirrorlove Productions is an up and coming video/editing company residing in Columbus,Ohio . We will film weddings, fashion shows, kid’s birthday parties, commercials, video promotions, and trailers. You may have seen a commercial that we created in Columbus, Oh. We created a commercial for a nightclub promoting "Plies" and also a commercial for a fashion clothing store here in the city called "Step N Style". You may have also seen our work on blogs site of artist that have came to the city.

3. How did you get into the video-producing field? Did you receive special training in this field?
My business partner L.C. actually went to College at Columbia College in Chicago for film/video productions and then finished school out in L.A. When she came back to Columbus we went out and brought equipment and she took what she learned at school, along with showing me how to work a camera, and we went from there.

4. I tell you that I want to get into producing videos, editing etc, what’s the first thing you tell me to go out and get and why?
I would say go out and get some books and read up on what your trying to do. I know a lot of people that might have the money to get the equipment but don’t have the knowledge to work it. Knowledge is power!

5. I saw on your blog that you are also an emcee, is this something that you’re actively pursuing or is it more of a hobby?
Being a emcee has always been a dream of mine. I’m a true blue fan of hip-hop and the entire culture! I love to make music, rap, and to perform! It's more than a hobby- it's life to me and I do this for the love of the culture, not for money! I rap for the love- Mirrorlove gets the money!
6. What are some of your side hustles?
Nowadays you need 10 different hustles fro every four seasons. I work 9-5 and I do promotions and I Write music for people and anything else I can do in my time.

7. What is the best music video of 2009 so far and why?
My favorite video of 2009 so far is “welcome to heartbreak” by Kanye Westfeaturing Kid Cudi. Directed by Nabil. I love the record and the visual for it is crazy! The effects he uses and the way he manipulates color is funky and wild!

8. What aspect of the music industry are you noticing that’s feeling the effects of this recession the hardest?
Wow…I would say record sales are truly effected by the recession. Albums are not selling so much (even with hype). I think that makes a artist really work on there show game though. Video budgets are down also, but that does not mean you have to settle-It just means you have to be more creative and open up your mind and think outside the box.

9. What sets MirrorLove Productions apart from other film editing/production companies?
There is nothing new under the sun but Mirrorlove will always bring a creative and unique idea to the table! We will never be a cookie cutter.! We stand by reflecting the love people have for each other, their talents, or just their life period! Everyone has a story to tell and regardless if that's through a music video, promoting your career or talent, sharing a moment amongst loved ones, getting married...we are willing to capture that moment for you to have and to share with the world! We are about celebrating what defines love in your life that's what makes us different!

10. What can people expect from you and MirrorLove productions in the upcoming months?
We will be shooting a couple videos in the next few months with artist around our city and more commercials with stores and try are best to put on for our city.

Thank you to Miss Shay and the B-side for all your love and support! I love your blog and keep up the great work