Saturday, December 13, 2008

  1. Writing in ALL CAPS is only tolerated when you're excited, otherwise it's like your yelling. Nobody likes yelling except a dominatrix.
  2. Shameless promotion is only acceptable when it's funny.
  3. Twitting about nothing is sometimes more interesting than twitting about something.
  4. Always attempt to answer all your @messages. If someone took the time to read and respond to your twit, return the favor.
  5. This isn't Myspace, fluffing your following list does nothing but make you look like a stalker. You wanna be followed? Say something worth paying attention to.
  6. You are not allowed to promote your product/website/blog until after your 50th twit. Anything before and you risk being permanently ignored or worst "un-followed".
  7. If someone follows you, take the time to check their profile. If you like what you see follow them too. It's called Twitter La Familia for a reason
  8. Defining avatars or profile picks; the simple or the completely inappropriate are best. But avoid pornographic imagery; there are kids on here too.
  9. Spell check is the computer's greatest intervention. Its steps in to stop you from looking like a fool. Use it.
  10. Finally, the most important Twitter rule. Be Consistent. The more you come to the bar, the more friends you're guaranteed to make. If you only wanna stop by to sell something, head to the shop up the street with the big eBay sign. But if you come in, sit down, throw back a few shots of Patron, shoot the shit and leave with a small promo like "" then maybe you can call yourself a Twitter.

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