Monday, February 2, 2009

January Wrap-Up!!!

2009 started out as a year of change for us......and also a part of history.

We started off the year heading out to an industry/surprise party for one of the world's most talented brotha's Rashad from elevator music. The event was filled with the top professionals in Ohio doing their thang...from artists, designers, deejays, models, dancers, was a nice event and a good way to start the year with a little motivational push..not to mention a drink..shhhh! lol

After that the magic began....we planned our trip to head to D.C. to be a part of America's history and see the inauguration of the first black president Barack Obama.
It was beyond freezing out there....but the feeling in the air took over the weather condition...there were people from all parts of the world that came to witness this event. All ages and backgrounds....we will be showcasing a documentary with the help of others here in the C.O. shout out to FLYPAPER!!! Here's a little bit of what the environment was like:

Looking back in the mirror on all the people, the feeling of hope, the love, the there are no words to describe it....stay tuned as we begin the process of documenting this historical event for all of you to cherish!!!

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