Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow oh wow! This weekend has been great for me and hip hop in Columbus,Ohio. If you check out my previous post you can see that Talib Kweli was rocking the stage with my Usual Suspects crew.
Saturday night was equally as dope as we had one of the illest in the game rock only like he can.
Wu-Tang Clan is consider one of the greatest groups of all time and i finally got to see GHOST FACE KILLA murder that stage. Pretty Tony Ran through classic joint from 36 chambers all the way up to the new album Ghost dini. If you don't know, Wu Tang has had more than it share of hits since 1993. Tony Starks show game is absolutely insane and the energy is always on level ten.
The place was jam pack and the crowd was body rocking the whole time.The only sad part about the show was he didn't perform "DAYTONA 500." If you know me you know I'm a over the top hip hop fan and this week was classic for me and something i will always remember. I would also like to give a big shout out to "SKYZOO AND TORAE." They open up for Ghost and they rock the show with the perfect set up. Thank God For Hip Hop it truly saved my life.

We just BODIED skullys in columbus. The spot was overly packed. Its a zoo in here, and they were outta control live. Good looks yall...about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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