Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm just wondering WHY?????

I just have a few random things on my mind and I just always wonder WHY???? If you have an answer please feel free to express yourself!!

1. Why do adults try to ignore their farts when they are loud in public?

2. Why do McDonalds french fries only stay warm in the car, but are cold by time you get home?

3. Why do people apologize for unnecessary things? (very annoying)

4. Why do at least three people always have the same question in a classroom, but no one wants to ask the teacher for an answer?

5. Why can't black women get along with each other?

6. Why is it easier to be mean to someone than to be nice?

7. Why do women run from the ladies in Victoria Secret who want to measure you, when half of us don't wear the right bra size anyway?

8. Why are men so upset when they are wrong about something?

9. Why is the most sarcastic, cynical asshole always the easiest person to get along with? (Does that mean I'm an asshole too? hmmm)

10. Why does a list always feel more complete if there are 10 things rather than 9?

Just a few thoughts....ok I'm done for now!!

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