Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trav's interview with WWW.BROKENCOOL.COM

Each week brokencool.com will profile your average Hip-Hop fan and get inside their head, finding out what makes them tick and gauging their opinions on the current state of the music. If you want to be profiled email brokencool@gmail.com. Here is the third installment featuring Travis Davis.

broken cool: How old are you?

Travis Davis: Old enough to know my Hip-Hop.

bc: Where are you from?

TD: Columbus, Ohio.

bc: When did you first start listening to Hip-Hop?

TD: I started listening to Hip-Hop heavy in 1988.

bc: Do you remember the first Hip-Hop album you bought?

TD: "Ready To Die" - Notorious B.I.G.

bc: Do you have an all-time favorite album?

TD: "Reasonable Doubt" or "Illmatic."

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the dopest?

TD: Hov (Jay-Z), Joe Budden, Drake, Jay Electronica and Blu.

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the wackest?

TD: Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, them "Stanky Leg" dudes, will.i.am and Yung Berg.

bc: What are your favorite blogs and websites?

TD: Nahright.com and RapRadar.com

bc: Where do you get most of your new music from?

TD: Nahright.com

bc: What kind of MP3 player do you have?

TD: I have a 16g iPhone.

bc: What is one thing you wish Hip-Hop artists would do more?

TD: Do more shows in my city! HA.

bc: Outside of Hip-Hop, who are some other artists you listen to?

TD: Adele, Lykke Li.

bc: If you were a rapper what would your MC name be?

TD: Trav Dave.

bc: How can other Hip-Hop fans connect with you? Do you have Twitter? Myspace? etc.

TD: Twitter.com/travdave