Monday, September 8, 2008

1st off.....the VMA'S!!!!!!!

Man,did yall watch the vma's!!!!! Was it me or did that shit sucks balls!!!!!!
Couple things....Who is the f@#k is Russel Brand an why is he hosting....Dude was
Than MTV prove that they can destory someone's career"i.e" Miss x K-Fed than
bring u right back to life! Is it me or is Brit Brit like mtv's little project child
that they just mess with whenever they get bored or don't have a hit show on!
Also Wayne was dope,but sagging skinny pants is not a good look!!
Its bout to be alot of "U"grown ass men saggin your skinny jeans!!!
the rest of the show.blah blah blah..wake me up when ye puts on!!!!
OK KANYE!!!!!!! aka Ye-pain! I heard he is goin to record his nx album
with that "t-pain"thing.haha i knw what its called but people dont!!
Well good luck ye,an that song was gettin on y nerve's!!!!
Overall...vma's suck!!!!! good luck nx year!!!!!!!

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