Monday, September 8, 2008

Take a look inside....ahem as we introduce ourselves..

Who is Mirrorlove Productions?

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L.C. ( editor/photographer)

L.C. was born in Pittsburgh, PA. ( GO STEELERS!!) Her parents moved to Columbus, Ohio when she was 3 years old. In high school she developed a love for the arts and began taking photography classes and journalism classes. After winning several student awards for photography, she decided to try her luck at broadcast journalism. After attending high school she moved to Toledo, Ohio to pursue a career in Television and Broadcasting. A passion for being behind the camera overtook the passion for being in front of the camera so she moved to Chicago to study film/ video production. Received a Honors BA after attending a semester in Los Angeles working with top producers and hollywood directors. She steered towards video editing and began working on her craft. After losing a parent she decided to move back to Columbus, Ohio to build an awareness of talented artists within her hometown with the help of longtime best friend Trav Dav.

Trav Dav (videographer/ promotions director)

Trav Dav was raised in Newark, Ohio and moved to Columbus, Ohio during his late high school years. Developing a love for the arts as well at a young age he started a career in music. Along with helping L.C. build a company where artists can be exposed and appreciated for their work, he also is working on an album with infamous Elevator Music ( EM Ink.) while consistently working on his videography skills, Trav also is a part of the promotions team for Jwork LTD. a local group of up and coming designers in Columbus, Ohio. He also was a part of the hit podcast by "The Usual Suspects", a group of the most popular deejays in Ohio.

L.C.'s knowledge of the industry and technological skills mixed with Trav Dav's interpersonal skills creates a dynamic team that is determined to start a new movement in Columbus,Ohio. A movement that artists of all walks of life can appreciate and be a part of!!!!

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