Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 more days in Charlotte to go....

Yoooooooo!!! Rarely seen but always heard, LC reporting from chilly North Carolina. My brain is a little fried from all the information I've stuffed into it in the last three days. I'm very excited about starting studio photography work and going even futher into more photography. I actually took the picture at the left driving into Charlotte. I'm in love with huge bodies of water!!! Lakes, ponds, and of course's just something I can't explain...but it's a great feeling of peace and serenity!! Ok..Ok...enough of that..I don't want to get to mushy! (haha) Fast forward a bit....ok, since I've been in Charlotte I've learned 10 new things so they are:

1. No one in the state of North Carolina has a basement--NOBODY!!!
2. Charlotte is the 3rd largest growing city in the U.S. ( 53 people move here a day---DAMN!)
3.Charlotte also happens to be one of the most bourgeousie cities in the US as well!
4. Really good barbecue and wolfgang puck has a restuarant on every block!

Okay these have nothing to do with Charlotte, just random things I've learned while also learning photography..

5. newborn babies can only see up to 18in.
6. all women are the same height and men are the same height from head to waist...are legs determine the rest of our height
7. women and men's shirt buttons are on opposite sides
8. you can always tell what side of the face someone sleeps on, because one cheek is flatter than the other
9. turning your head just 2 inches can change your whole face in a photo
10. your brain doesn't fully develop until the age 28

I'm half way back to training I go....

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abw711 said...

Very interesting. I love the water too. I think thats why I love to travel, just to get away and see something new. I really haven't had a chance to travel that much this year but when I went to N.Y. and New Jersey, it was like a breath of fresh air-just to be away from Columbus.