Tuesday, October 7, 2008


According to Vibe magazine's fans, Lil Wayne isn't "The Best Rapper Alive." He isn't even in the top two. After weeks of online voting, Eminem was crowned the globe's top MC in a tournament-style contest.

In a contest on the magazine's Web site, 64 of today's top rappers — from MTV News' reigning "Hottest MC in the Game" Kanye West toRick Ross, Nas and T.I. — were given brackets, similar to NCAA basketball teams during March Madness. Fans began voting on head-to-head matchups in July, with MCs gradually being eliminated until Marshall Mathers was tapped as the ultimate victor this month, beating out Brooklyn lyric guru Jay-Z. Slim Shady received 69 percent of the votes in the finals. The magazine said more than 920,000 votes were cast.

"EDITOR'S NOTE" Em is dope and i think he is top 5 emcee's in the game. Marshall isn't better than Jay or Nas and a couple other people that i will keep to myself.
I always thought EM said waaaaaayyyy to many no homo,pause,no clay aiken lines for me!
Anyway congrats Marshall!! 
p.s. I need the album

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