Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random thoughts while in training!!!

9:12pm..I really need to solve some unsolved issues in my life
9:24pm..My training class is kinda lame or am i the lame and there cool???
9:33pm..I have no cluve what the trainer is talking about...smh
9:59pm..Beyonce dancing to single ladies video
10:07pm..This chic fell asleep in class/i had mad candy and a Mt.Dew
10:15pm..Its not me->reflecting on 9:24 thought!
10:55pm..some dude in my training class showed me the most preverted pic i ever seen..smh
10:56pm..listening to calls/some dude in class thinks he knows it all
11:06pm..who in the hell has training from 4-12pm for some corp america shit!
11:45pm..Ron Browz song is in my head"pause"
11:58pm..thank god its time to go!!!!!

moral of the story!!!! I need to pay more attention to work/or your just as bored cause you this and laugh to youself!!! smh

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